Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A 2cm resolution at 1km range Ghost Imaging LIDAR

I nearly spilled my coffee when Geoffroy told me about this one yesterday:

For remote sensing, high-resolution imaging techniques are helpful to catch more characteristic information of the target. We extend pseudo-thermal light ghost imaging to the area of remote imaging and propose a ghost imaging lidar system. For the first time, we demonstrate experimentally that the real-space image of a target at about 1.0 km range with 20 mm resolution is achieved by ghost imaging via sparsity constraints (GISC) technique. The characters of GISC technique compared to the existing lidar systems are also discussed.
They use GPSR. This is just outstanding. You may recall some of the initial connection between compressive sensing and ghost imaging a while back on this blog. Did I mention no telephoto lens ? Just check what can be currently done with current technology and this mother of all bulky telephoto lens.

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Unknown said...

The paper is a stunning to a LIDAR person like me!
Very interesting..