Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Insight: 10x Not 10% by Ken Norton

Here is Ken Norton's outstanding video featuring his 10x Not 10%, Product management by orders of magnitude presentation (the link goes to Ken long form essay of that presentation). You may notice certain themes mentioned here on Nuit Blanche before and highlighted below. He mentions betting on trends while we call them the steamrollers. One should notice that while Ken marvels at the images of Pluto having been dowloaded a few hours earlier, the talk was given fifteen days too early when The Second Inflection Point in Genome Sequencing occured. Let us note that we wondered when that second inflection point back in 2014 and that it took place about a year later. In all, there are certainly elements of the strategy described by Ken we are trying to accomplish at Lighton. Enjoy the video !



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