Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Morning Videos: New videos of ICML 2015 in Lille

As NIPS sessions have to turn away people, here are some videos of ICML this past summer. A month ago we mentioned some of these videos but here are some new ones:


Welcome Address

Welcome address
Joelle Pineau, David Blei, Francis R. Bach

Keynote Speakers


Deep Learning I

Learning Theory I

Deep Learning Computations

Matrix Factorization

Sparsity I

Optimization I

Structured Prediction I

Reinforcement Learning II

Gaussian Processes I

Transfer Learning I

Networks and Graphs I

Deep Learning II

Networks and Graphs II

Online Learning I

Probabilistic Models I

Learning Theory II

Transfer Learning II

Deep Learning and Vision

Monte Carlo Methods


Feature Selection I

Kernel Methods

Computational Advertising and Social Science

Optimization II

Approximate Inference I

Bayesian Nonparametrics II

Time Series Analysis I

Feature Selection II

Unsupervised Learning I

Optimization III

Probabilistic Models II

Natural Language Processing I


Online Learning II

Unsupervised Learning II

Deep Learning III


Reinforcement Learning III

Supervised Learning II

Optimization IV

Bayesian Nonparametrics III

Sparsity II

Clustering I


Sparse optimization

Approximate Inference II

Natural Language Processing II

Time Series Analysis II

Clustering II

Learning Theory III

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