Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Job: PhD studentships and maybe a postdoc, Iowa State University

Namrata just let me know of the following opportunities in her group (for those interested in osting similar job opportunities, do not hesitate to post those on the Compressive Sensing group on LinkedIn with its 3400+ members, also most job entries on Nuit Blanche are collected under the csjob tag)

Prof. Namrata Vaswani (  Looking for Multiple Ph.D. students for Spring or Fall 2016

Prof. Namrata Vaswani (  is looking for multiple Ph.D. students for Spring or Fall 2016. Students with Bachelors or Masters in Electrical or Electrical and Computer Engineering (EE or ECE) or in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics and who have a strong background in linear algebra and probability (undergrad level probability taught in an EE or Math program is enough) are encouraged to apply. Other desirable skills include: (a) the interest and ability to work hard, (b) the ability to think independently, (c) the ability to write well (mathematically).

Her research is in statistical machine learning, data science and signal and information processing. In recent years, her group has worked on developing and analyzing online algorithms for various high-dimensional structured data recovery problems such as online sparse matrix recovery (recursive recovery of sparse vector sequences) or dynamic compressed sensing, online robust principal components' analysis (PCA) and online matrix completion, sparse PCA etc. For more details, see

Please email her at  with the subject line `graduate student applicant'. Please attach a copy of your resume and your transcripts (scanned or unofficial is fine).
Credit: ESA, Rosetta, 1st Earth flyby
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