Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Inview Corporation Recent Developments

We generally talk at length about theoretical developments here on Nuit Blanche, but the hardware aspect of things when it comes to sensing is something I have cared for in a long while.  Indeed any theoretical developments is fine but eventually, hardware has to follow.
As it happens, I was recently talking to some of the good folks at Inview Corporation in Austin, TX and figured it was probably a good time to catch up with their recent developments. Recall, Inview embeds compressive sensing technology in hardware and even sells CS based cameras. Here are their latest blog entries:
 The first and most recent blog entry mentions this recent paper: Recent results in single-pixel compressive imaging using selective measurement strategies by Matthew A. Herman ; Tyler Weston ; Lenore McMackin ; Yun Li ; Jianbo Chen ; Kevin F. Kelly 
Obviously, I have no financial stakes in Inview Corporation.
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