Thursday, February 05, 2015

S-AMP for Non-linear Observation Models

An AMP solver for nonlinear acquisition measurement systems: S-AMP for Non-linear Observation Models by Burak Çakmak, Ole Winther, Bernard H. Fleury

Recently we extended Approximate message passing (AMP) algorithm to be able to handle general invariant matrix ensembles. In this contribution we extend our S-AMP approach to non-linear observation models. We obtain generalized AMP (GAMP) algorithm as the special case when the measurement matrix has zero-mean iid Gaussian entries. Our derivation is based upon 1) deriving expectation propagation (EP) like algorithms from the stationary-points equations of the Gibbs free energy under first- and second-moment constraints and 2) applying additive free convolution in free probability theory to get low-complexity updates for the second moment quantities.  
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