Friday, February 13, 2015

Abstract for "collège doctoral" seminar at IFPEN, March 2015

A while back, Laurent Duval kindly asked me to do a presentation at the "collège doctoral" seminar at IFPEN at the end of March.  

Based on my co-hosting of the Paris Machine Learning meetup and the themes covered on Nuit Blanche, I (foolishly ?) decided to say yes. Here is my first (and probably last) draft abstract (so now it's public, I cannot walk away from this :-)

Title: "Ca va être compliqué": Islands of knowledge, Mathematician-Pirates and the Great Convergence

Igor Carron,

In this talk, we will survey the different techniques that have led to recent changes in the way we do sensing and how to make sense of that information. In particular, we will talk about problem complexity and attendant algorithms, compressive sensing, advanced matrix factorization, sensing hardware and machine learning and how all these seemingly unrelated issues are of importance to the praticing engineer. In particular, we'll draw some parallel between some of the techniques currently used in machine learning as used by internet companies and the upcoming convergence that will occur in many fields of Engineering and Science as a result.
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