Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On an optimal use of tags: CS, MF, ML, implementation, AMP and BlindDeconvolution and more....

It has come to my attention that I may not be doing an optimal job at providing the right tag for the right blog entry. In particular, I am sometimes not putting the most appropriate label and while putting another less used one. 
For this reason, I'll try to be consistent with regards to certain labels and subjects areas (you are welcome to let me know about tag failures and if specific tags ought to be added, this specific blog entry has been tagged with all these tags in order to let interested people know about it): 
  • When the topic is about Compressive Sensing, I am going to use CS from now on. 
  • When the topic talks about Matrix Factorization, I'll use MF only from now on
  • When the topic goes into Machine Learning territory, I'll use ML
  • When the blog entry features an implementation, I use the implementation tag (there are 333 so far !)
  • When the topic discusses how to infer a forward model for a sensing system using incomplete information on either said forward model or the input that is fed into that model, or both then I'll used BlindDeconvolution. That topic is very diverse as it includes some aspects of calibration, deblurring, blind compressive sensing, network discovery....This is a tough call here because really when the unknown forward model is nonlinear and coarse, we could call this whole endeavor instances of Machine Learning (Supervised and Unsupervised Learning) while in other cases, it absolutely fit into the generic Matrix Factorization category. For the time being, since those communities have not really talking to each other (it is just a question of time), we will use BlindDeconvolution tag. There are already 60 entries on the subject, here some of the ones from the past two years:

Same thing goes for AMP solvers with blog entries using the AMP tag as well as the following tags:
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute : Full-Res: W00091207.jpg
W00091207.jpg was taken on January 08, 2015 and received on Earth January 09, 2015. The camera was pointing toward SATURN, and the image was taken using the IR2 and IR1 filters.

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