Saturday, June 14, 2014

GraphLab Conference July 21st, SF: Why You Should Attend... and a discount code.

I mentioned this two years ago ( Predicting the Future: Randomness and Parsimony), and while the reasons have somehow changed a little they are even more compelling now. As a matter of fact, Danny sent me the following recently (I am barely catching up on this sorry  Danny!). There is a discount code at the end of Danny's write-up)

Hi Igor, 

Will you be able to help us mention our upcoming conference?

Some fun facts about our conference:
1) GraphLab conference attracts the most interesting emerging data science projects.
We will have oral talks from GraphLab, Spark, Datapad (a startup from the creator of python pandas), Trifacta ( a startup from the creator of d3.js), Cloudera, Microsoft, Google, Pivotal, Adobe, Lab41 and Pandora.

We can roughly divide the presenters to several domains: graph analytics (graphlab, pregel, petuum, grappa, stinger, etc.), graph databases, graph visualization, python data science tools, and applications on graphs.

2) GraphLab Databases is an emerging field. Graph databases are used to store and query the graph and are optimized for high performance on data which has a graph structure. We will have demos from Neo Technology (Neo4j), Aurelius (Titan), Franz, Objectivity (InfiniteGraph), Sparsity Technologies, which are all the leading graph databases companies.

3) In terms of visualization, we will have presentations for Trifacta, Cambridge Intelligence, Graphistry (viz using gpus), Linkorious (a startup from the creators of Gephi open source), Ayasdi, Tom Sawyer Software,

4) In terms of python data science we will have presenters from Zipfian Academy (python training), Continuum Analytics, iPython, Domino Data Labs, Dataiku.

5) GraphLab workshop started with 300 people on 2012, grown to 600 attendees in 2013, and we expect 900 data scientists in 2014. Typical audience is data scientist, data engineer, architect, CTP, VP Engr, VP data science. Represented verticals are Govment, Healthcare, Finance, Startups, Social networks, Fraud detection, Retailer, Internet 2, data science consulting companies.

6) We have a very interesting presence of academic projects. Not only companies. Some examples are Petuum (CMU) a new system from Eric Xing, parameter server (CMU) a mega scale framework for cluster implementation of ML methods, Grappa (UW) by Mark Oskin from UW, a super fast graph analytic framework funded by DARPA.

7) Graphs are everywhere! We assembled the most interesting use cases for graphs in industry. For example, Senzari, a company based in Florida is creating the largest music graph - with 100 billion facts related to music! Ravel law is using graphs obtain by supreme court rules to deduce interesting and useful facts about law. Lumiata is compiling a healthcare graph for medical science based graph analytics.

Feel free to disseminate discount code meetupgrp1 - it gives 15% discount


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