Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Morning Videos: Analyzing Animal Vocal Sequences Investigative Workshop

With the advent very high quality microphones in the home (think Kinect), the large amount of data that can be gathered without undue hardship related to privacy issues, the rapid development of large machine learning algorithms, isn't time to be more seriously considering talking to animals i.e. the first item in this list of Just on the right Side of Impossible projects.

The Analyzing Animal Vocal Sequences Investigative Workshop took place 21-23 October 2013, at NIMBioS. The aim of this workshop was to bridge the gap between mathematical and biological researchers with an interest in the quantitative analysis of animal vocal sequences

Machine learning for the classification of animal vocalizations, Michael Johnson

Information theoretic principles of human language and animal behavior, Ramon Ferrer-i-Cancho,
Laurance R. Doyle, SETI Institute, "Animal communication sequence analysis using information theory"
Kirsten Bohn,  "Singing isn't just for the birds"

Brenda McCowan,  "Unraveling dolphin communication complexity: Past approaches and next steps"

Edgar Vallejo,Automated identification of bird individuals using machine learning: A hierarchical approach

Other interesting references

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isomorphismes said...

Fantastic. Secondary school teachers should point their kids here to prove maths isn't boring.

Igor said...

I wholeheartly agree ! and I also think getting to work might change many things: