Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nuit Blanche in Review (April 2013)

Here is what happened since the last Nuit Blanche in Review (March 2013). When adding the three feeds together, Nuit Blanche has a combined readership through RSS of about 2500. In light of the upcoming shutdown of Google Reader, I pointed to John Cook's crowdsourced answer in one of the traditional around the webs in 78 hours. Those "around the webs in 78 hours" posts are a compilation of other's blogs items of interest. It really is a blogroll of some kind, except more lively. I don't know if Andrew is also concerned about the issue of Reader's demise  but he made a blogroll post yesterday that kindly featured Nuit Blanche. It is only with crosslinks like these that the blogs will weather the impending issues related to Google Reader's shutdown on July 1st. Check the comment's of Bourbaki here on the subject. When looking at the log files, I note an increased amount of readers coming from Feedly but it may not be a trend yet. I personally look forward to a great replacement for offline reading. To keep in touch, you can use the RSS feed to  subscribe to the RSS from another reader, you can also link to Nuit Blanche from your website like Mark Davenport, You can subscribe to Nuit Blanche by Email or you can also join the Google+ Community, the CompressiveSensing subreddit, the LinkedIn Compressive Sensing group or the Matrix Factorization group.

In this past month, we've had:
  • Eleven implementations made available by their authors and soon to be added to the Reproducible Research Page. Let us note the appearance of an implementation toward compressive hardware calibration, one on nonlinear compressive sensing, one on phase transition determination, one on the connection between the cross and bouquet approach and a greedy algorithm and finally field reconstruction issues. 
  • Four Sunday Morning Insights including a review. Guess which one got the most attention ?
  • Four meetings announcements
  • Two posts on hardware development, mostly using current camera technology.
  • Six posts of featured Papers and preprints
  • Four Nuit Blanche Reader's reviews and Around the webs
  • one job announcement, one dataset and one op-ed.

As a reminder, all other Nuit Blanche Monthly Reviews are at:

Here is the list of entries:

Implementations, adding one month to 19 months of Reproducible Research

Sunday Morning Insights

Meetings announcements

Featured Papers and preprints:

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