Friday, April 05, 2013

19 months of Reproducible Research

When Rich reminds us that "We generated more data than there are stars in the Universe", he also points to the obvious need to make sense of them. One strategy is to come up with new ideas for better sensors (These Technologies Do Not Exist ) or better estimation and detection schemes. 

Another surer strategy is to go through the Reproducible Research route as a means of making sure that your ideas do no die. I have added an implementation tag to blog entries that featured an algorithm implementation for the past 19 months and it looks like we have about 146 of them. That figure amounts to about 7.6 implementations released per month or about close to two releases per week

Here is a list of all these implementations that I will update every month after every Nuit Blanche Monthly Reviews:

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N00205148.jpg was taken on April 02, 2013 and received on Earth April 03, 2013. The camera was pointing toward SATURN, and the image was taken using the CL1 and CL2 filters. T

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