Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Around the webs in 78 hours

Since the last and recent Around the webs in 78 hours, we had quite few new entries of interest: but first things first. As some of you have heard, Google will stop Google Reader on July 1st.

Most of you are using Google Reader to come watch the news on Nuit Blanche. What are the alternatives to Google Reader ? John Cook crowdsourced this question a while back and here is his response: 
If you’re using Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds, you’ll need to switch to something else by July 1. Here are 18 alternatives.

Any feedback on which of these replacement does a nice job is welcome. If July 1st comes and finds you with no replacement for a particular RSS reader, just remember Nuit Blanche is the place to start. You can  subscribe to Nuit Blanche's feed here and get you new reader to be updated with entries from this blog. 

You can also join

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Without further due, here is what you really came for today:

Bob: Paper of the Day (Po'D): Music genre classification via compressive sampling edition
Exact Exponential Algorithms
Larry: Data Science: The End of Statistics?
Zhilin: Compressed Sensing of EEG Using Wavelet Dictionary Matrices
Sebastien: ORF523: ISTA and FISTA
Brian: How a Time-of-Flight sensor works
Maker: 47 Raspberry Pi Projects to Inspire Your Next Build


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Jason Smith said...

After first switching to "the old Reader" which turned out to be slow and lack an offline capability, I switched over to Feedly a couple weeks ago which has Firefox and Chrome browser plug-ins as well as an iOS app (all three of which I use).

Feedly seems to work great except for offline (a refresh will make all the posts inaccessible until you are online again) and will probably be my replacement. Some tweaks to the preferences are necessary, but Feedly kindly has a blog post for incoming Reader users.

I had previously used the Newsify app which has a great offline capability (that I reverted to on a recent flight) and better interface than Feedly but they were kind of blind-sided by Google's announcement and haven't come up with an alternative yet. Newsify doesn't have a browser and sometimes failed to update the posts I read in Reader.

Feedly is a decent all-around replacement, but I'm still looking around.

Igor said...


Thanks for the feedback. I too am looking for a solution when I am offline.