Sunday, March 31, 2013

Graphlab Workshop on Large Scale Machine Learning 2013

You probably recall this entry on Why should you care about last year's GraphLab workshop, Well, the reasons you should care have not really changed that much, except that after the 300+ researchers from 100+ companies who made it a success last year, Danny Bickson and his crew are organizing a new workshop on July 1st in the Bay Area.

Registration is now open and if you register now with the   NuitBlanche discount code you'll get a 25% (30%) discount on your registration fee . The much preliminary agenda is here. I am on the program committee and if you want to be a sponsor of the meeting like these other folks, please let me know, I'll forward your interest to the organizers. Danny also tells me that this time, they will get some subcontractor to produce the videos of the talks. In the meantime, here are some related entries:
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