Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nuit Blanche in Review (March 2013)

If someone can take images from the Mars Curiosity website and stitch them together to create a panorama and get noticed by the interwebs in the process, do you think someone who would take on the Curiosity Super-Resolution Challenge and release a photo that not even NASA can provide, would get worldwide recognition. I am thinking yes, but then again, I am biased. 

Anyway, without further due, here are the exciting entries that sprung up since the last Nuit Blanche in Review for February 2013. We had six implementations made available by their authors. Let us note that we are now reaching the number 3 in the number of Analysis Operator Learning algorithms made available and we have close to that number in the number of algorithms dedicated to Sparse Subspace Clustering. Let's put this in perspective, six years ago to this day, there were only 3 reconstruction solvers available (besides CVX) in the field of compressive sensing The list has grown since and continues this month with SPASH and an Improved SL0. Other algorithms permit Spectral Compressive Sensing with Polar Interpolation or evaluate k-support Norm Regularized Risk Minimization

There were only two Sunday morning insights this month, one on Matrix Factorizations and the Grammar of Life and the other one on How to spot a compressive sensing system: there we looked into the case of the Randomized MALDI TOF MS/MS systems. Some feedback tells me that we'll see some action on this front in the future. Every month, there is a thematic that's forming under the weight of several publications/preprints. This month was no different, we saw much interest in phase transitions [see phase transition below and Living on the edge], the ever advances in MRI which accounts for a substantial number of papers that are truly innovative [Blind compressive sensing dynamic MRI below ] because some use the detection capabilities of compressive sensing as opposed to just reconstruction [ Magnetic resonance fingerprinting ]. I also noted the similarity between Well Logging and Nanopore Sequencing (more on that later) and that sometimes a least squares solution solves a different problem (see Convenience clouds your mind ).We also had some wonderful feedback from the readers as well as insightful blog entries from others, a few workshop announcements, videos and slides as well as two jobs announcements. Voila!

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