Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Explaining Compressed Sensing, Episode 1

[Update: For non-english speakers, it might be hard to follow some of the rapid exchange. The scenario can be found here]

I am continuing this small experiment of featuring two cartoonish characters talking about compressed sensing. The result ?....I am not quitting my day job :-) 

The scenario is based on different questions I generally get asked when grilled on the subject. If you have a friend, a colleague or a student who wants to know more about the subject but do not have time to read a paper, this might be a way to go about initiating their interest.

I am looking for ideas for the next one. If you have questions that have been asked from you several times and for which you have gotten better at answering, send me your scenario, I'll try to render it and will put it in the Saturday Morning Cartoon Series at:

In the meantime, here is this week's product.

Is it any good ?


Anonymous said...

Why a cartoon though? Same conversation between two colleagues or a prof and a student would be, IMHO, much more effective.

Thanks for the site btw. I find it really informative.

Igor said...


I agree, yet I have no budget for production. At the very least, this cartoon trial can provide a scenario to be used by real people afterwards if there is an interest.

A lot of thinking went into making this half reasonable scenario. Most of it was excerpts from actual conversations. This exercise definitely gives me more appreciation for this whole show biz thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Igor,

The idea is great, but I would have preferred a text version (synthesized English voice are hard to understand for non English natural speaker + it goes to fast to think about what is said).

Can you publish the text used for this one ? I like the questions&answers format.

After several weeks, you could make a complete FAQ on compressed sensing.

Keep up the great job :)

Igor said...



It is here:

It is also now included in the entry as an update.