Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why is #Netneutrality Important to Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ?

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So your ISP decides the speed or the kind of service you can get based on religion or what not. What happens to our field ? Because you have spent much time on the following services, you are throttled down or have to pay for "premium" services. As a result, you may or may not get to 

  • follow Andrew Ng's Coursera or Siraj Raval classes
  • submit your Kaggle results on time
  • read ArXiv preprints
  • read the latest GAN paper on time
  • watch NIPS/ICLR/CVPR/ACL videos
  • download datasets
  • pay more to use ML/DL on the cloud
  • share reviews
  • download the latest ML/DL frameworks
  • have access to your Slack channels 
  • read Nuit Blanche
  • follow awesome DL thread on Twitter
  • get scholar google alerts
  • .... 


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