Monday, July 24, 2017

Localization of Sound Sources in a Room with One Microphone - implementation -

When used fully, sparsity can do wonders !

Estimation of the location of sound sources is usually done using microphone arrays. Such settings provide an environment where we know the difference between the received signals among different microphones in the terms of phase or attenuation, which enables localization of the sound sources. In our solution we exploit the properties of the room transfer function in order to localize a sound source inside a room with only one microphone. The shape of the room and the position of the microphone are assumed to be known. The design guidelines and limitations of the sensing matrix are given. Implementation is based on the sparsity in the terms of voxels in a room that are occupied by a source. What is especially interesting about our solution is that we provide localization of the sound sources not only in the horizontal plane, but in the terms of the 3D coordinates inside the room.
Implementation on the Github repo is here at

This repository contains a library for sparse representation of the room transfer function and code for localization of sound sources in a room with one microphone. Author contact information:

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