Saturday, July 01, 2017

Saturday Morning Videos: The Changing Landscape of Education and The Awesome Siraj Raval

Starting in 2013, one of the most important thing we noticed in the roster of the Paris Machine Learning meetup was a new breed of people young and less young who would get their education from Andrew Ng's coursera course*. That trend has accelerated over time and much of the close to 5800 members of the meetup are getting their education from non-traditional outlets. We sometimes  have stories of students teaching their engineering school professors. Some students even take time off from their studies to focus on getting an education through Kaggle competitions.

In this new education landscape, I recently noticed the awesome Siraj Raval, here is one of his recent YouTube video on second order approximation:

All of Siraj's videos are on his channel. What's interesting here is that subjects are not simple as the video above. Siraj often does some live coding and gets into recent subject of interest in the ML literature such as :

Siraj obviously has a GitHub repo.

Andrew was kind enough to give a talk at the end of season 1 of the meetup. The room at Google was filled with 250 people it could accomodate. It was in large due to Andrew's status of having been a teacher to many in the room through the Coursera outlet. 

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