Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Morning Insight: And You, What Are You Waiting For ?

For different reasons, the winter break/solstice is a good time for getting stuff done and focusing on small or large projects. Some of them lead to discoveries and/or momentous firsts. This year is no exception with a few days before the solstice Clive Brown, the CTO of Oxford Nanopore decided to build his own genome through self sequencing. From the read me on his experiment on Github.
So far as I am aware this is the first full coverage Human Genome sequenced by the individual who provided the input sample (ONT-HG1). This may prove significant in future.
The last sentence is obviously a rather typical self-effacing affirmation also known as "British understatement". 

 And you, what are you waiting for ?

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    Laurent DUVAL said...

    22/12 : first day of vacations. I hesitate between crowded malls and this workshop... No more