Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CSjob: PhD. position, Compressed sensing in transmission electron microscopy, EMAT, Antwerp, Belgium

Jo just sent me the following:
The EMAT research group of the University of Antwerp has an open PhD. position focusing on "Compressed sensing in transmission electron microscopy". This work falls into the scope of a recently obtained research project from the National Fund for Research in Flanders, Belgium, that will target to significantly reduce the electron dose needed to make images of nano-objects in a transmission electron microscope. Beam induced degradation occurs often in TEM and prevents obtaining the highest possible resolution especially in organic and biological samples. The PhD. will continue from an initial working prototype experiment [A. Béché, B. Goris, B. Freitag, and J. Verbeeck, “Development of a fast electromagnetic beam blanker for compressed sensing in scanning transmission electron microscopy,” Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 108, no. 9, p. 93103, Feb. 2016.]. The candidate will explore further applications of the technique on novel materials, shed more light on the limits and boundary conditions, work out alternative recording schemes and select proper sparsity basis for typical TEM images.

You will work in a highly dynamic lab of international standing with access to the best instrumentation and excellent networking possibilities to start a career in experimental physics.

We are looking for a student with:
  • A physics background and high motivation for research.
  • Insight in practically applying theoretical physics and signal processing concepts.
  • A Practical hands-on attitude.
  • Experience with programming, electronics, mechanics, general DIY, CAD, signal processing, etc. (will be highly useful).
  • Knowledge of materials science (highly beneficial).
  • Fluent in scientific English (oral and written).

We offer:
  • An international group (EMAT) of approximately 60 researchers focusing on TEM for materials research.
  • An attractive salary.
  • The best instrumentation in TEM that is currently available anywhere.
  • Location in Antwerp, a bustling city in the heart of Belgium in the center of Europe.
Send your CV and motivation letter to:

Prof. Dr. Johan Verbeeck, 

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