Monday, January 25, 2016

Job: PhD studentship and Postdocs, Fellowship program at IBM Research related to data science for social good

Here in Paris we had a few Machine Learning meetups that had speakers talk about doing something about challenges that were probably not a high priority for companies but remained important (see for instance: Sunday Morning Insight: The Hardest Challenges We Should be Unwilling to Postpone ), so it is interesting and noteworthy when a program like the following gets funded. Kush just let me know of the following opportunity:
 Dear Igor,

I am pleased to let you know that Saška Mojsilović and I are launching a new fellowship program at IBM Research related to data science for social good. We are offering both 3-month summer fellowships for PhD students and full-year fellowships for postdocs. The fellowship webpage and link to apply may be found here:

Fellows will come work with research staff members at our Yorktown Heights laboratory to complete projects in partnership with NGOs, social enterprises, government agencies, or other mission-driven organizations that have large social impact. We are currently in the process of scoping projects across various areas, such as health, sustainability, poverty, hunger, equality, and disaster management. The program is intended to allow students to develop their technical skills and produce publishable work while making a positive impact on the world.

Would it be possible for you to spread the word about the program through Nuit Blanche and your Twitter account? (We've set up a Twitter handle for the fellowship @ibmsocialgood which has a couple of tweets you can retweet.)

Thank you.

Kush Varshney

p.s. This blog post has more background on the genesis of the fellowship:

Kush R Varshney, PhD
Data Science Group | Mathematical Sciences Department
IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center | 1101 Kitchawan Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
+1-914-945-1628 | | @krvarshney
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