Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Nuit Blanche in Review ( February 2015 )

This month was quite eventful in terms of postings and work related matters.

We hosted the Paris Machine Learning #6 Season 2: Vowpal Wabbit, RL, Inmoov, libFM and more at Ecole 42, I committed to make a presentation at the end of March (Abstract for "collège doctoral" seminar at IFPEN, March 2015 ). Thank you Laurent for the invitation !
We just finished a proposal for the french i-LAB competition last night. We (TBNL) seek funding for a start-up. More information later.
I was also made "collaborateur extérieur" to Institut Langevin. Thank you Laurent for the invitation into the lab. The last Nuit Blanche in review for January 2015 is here. In the meantime, we had a few implementations made available by the authors of publications:
Let us note the great convergence coming onto us. We also had one Sunday Morning Insight and two follow-ups of previous instances:
In depth
Blog related 

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