Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ernie Esser's Passing and Legacy

Felix just sent me the following last night:

Dear Igor,

It is my sad duty to let our community know that Ernie Esser passed away yesterday from complications of pneumonia on his trip back from Europe. Ernie was a very active member of the compressive sensing and optimization communities. Only very recently Ernie made I think a major contribution to blind deconvolution

Ernie Esser, Tim T.Y. Lin, Rongrong Wang, and Felix J. Herrmann, “A lifted l1/l2 constraint for sparse blind deconvolution”. 2015. Abstract.

We (Stan Osher and others) will work over the coming months on different ways to recognize Ernie’s major contributions to science. We welcome any thoughts or suggestions our community may have. We created this weblog in honour of Ernie.

In the meantime, I would be really grateful if you could post Ernie’s most recent work listed above. Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Felix J. Herrmann
UBC—Seismic Laboratory for Imaging and Modelling (SLIM)
fherrmann@eos.ubc.ca, www.slim.eos.ubc.ca



Godspeed Ernie.
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Laurent DUVAL said...

I do fell sorry for this loss. Ernie's technical works were very inspiring in many aspects and our recent exchanges (around around sparse deconvolution and bibliography) have revealed to me a pleasant fellow.

Dayna Elizabeth said...

Thank you, not much else can be said. Ernie was my cousin, and we all mourn the loss of his passing.

Igor said...


I am sorry for your loss.