Friday, March 20, 2015

Around The Blogs in 78 Hours

We got pre-selected into the iLab competition, woohoo !

Ben Lorica just wrote about tensors in Let’s build open source tensor libraries for data science . One of the author whose work was featured in that blog, to one of my comment there:

...Indeed, there are many types of decompositions on tensors, we are certainly not the only ones to be working on them. The paper you point out about tensors states that there can be ill-posed tensors, which is true. In fact, there is another paper which states that most tensor problems are NP-hard However, the tensors we study, which are relevant for machine learning, turn out to be "easy cases" establish is that under some very reasonable non-degeneracy. I talk about some of these points in the podcast that Ben will post in due course. Stay tuned!

Within the blogs we generally cover, here are some items that grabbed my interest:

While on Nuit Blanche, we had:
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