Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Sparse Representation in Fourier and Local Bases - implementation -

Following up on this entry "On Sparse Representation in Fourier and Local Bases", Pier Luigi followed up with an implementation of ProSparse and the code that produces the figures in that article:  
Dear Igor,

thanks for the prompt answer.

In attachment [ http://www.commsp.ee.ic.ac.uk/~pld/software/ ] you'll find the MATLAB files to reproduce Fig2 and Fig3 of the paper.

Note that you still need to have the CVX package installed in your Matlab distribution (http://cvxr.com/cvx/) to run the files.

You have to execute the script “show_counter_examples.m”. There is a variable that controls which result to reproduce:
- line 9 @ show_counter_examples.m: IsMultipleSolution = 0; ====> reproduce figure 2
- line 9 @ show_counter_examples.m: IsMultipleSolution = 1; ====> reproduce figure 3

Please, note that these routines have been written for the sole purpose of reproducing the results in the figures and should not be treated as routines that can be easily adapted to alternative settings.

The zip file is also available at the following link

all the best,
Pier Luigi
Pier Luigi was kind enough to provide a deep link but it is my experience that a better policy is to direct interested parties to a nice landing page which in this case is his software page.
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