Thursday, October 30, 2014

NYC Event: “How the Age of Machine Consciousness is Transforming Our Lives”

Greg Charvat just sent me the following (see below). Let me state that the "consciousness" wording is not optimal for this blog but I definitely appreciate technical people getting into a room and thinking about the next steps (and I also like the 4combinator approach yet I have no link to them) so here we are:

Hi Igor,

You might find this interesting.

I'm involved in this seminar series and panel discussion that will be held in NYC in November, on the topic of next gen deep learning as applied to hard data such as image data or other measured data.  David Ferrucci (IBM Watson), Max Tagmark (on PBS Nova frequently), and Jonathan Rothberg (one who created on-chip genetic sequencing) will be speaking and discussing.  I think your readers might be interested in this.

Its a free event, but must register in advance so we can get the right quantities of food and drink.  Please feel free to share with your blog readers.


I would like to let you know about an exciting event we are hosting in New York City in a couple of weeks:

“How the Age of Machine Consciousness is Transforming Our Lives”
·         Date and Time: Thursday, November 13, 2014, 7:00-9:00 PM
·         A cocktail reception in the SoHi room will follow the panel discussion and will provide a chance to meet our expert panel and learn more about career opportunities at 4Combinator

The expert panel includes:
·         David Ferrucci - Former VP of Watson Technologies who led development of the AI system that beat Jeopardy’s best
·         Max Tegmark – MIT professor and author of “The Mathematical Universe” and “Consciousness as a State of Matter”
·         Jonathan Rothberg - Inventor of high speed DNA sequencing.  His latest venture, 4Combinator, aspires to transform medicine by integrating devices, deep learning and cloud computing

As you are getting an exclusive invitation ahead of a broader outreach program, please register your interest in attending the event in the next 24 hours to ensure your place at the event:
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