Monday, October 06, 2014

Coreset and PCA: Distributed k-Means and k-Median Clustering on General Topologies - implementation -

Distributed k-Means and k-Median Clustering on General Topologies by Maria Florina Balcan, Steven Ehrlich, Yingyu Liang
This paper provides new algorithms for distributed clustering for two popular center-based objectives, k-median and k-means. These algorithms have provable guarantees and improve communication complexity over existing approaches. Following a classic approach in clustering by [13], we reduce the problem of finding a clustering with low cost to the problem of finding a coreset of small size. We provide a distributed method for constructing a global coreset which improves over the previous methods by reducing the communication complexity, and which works over general communication topologies. Experimental results on large scale data sets show that this approach outperforms other coreset-based distributed clustering algorithms.


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