Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ce Soir: Machine Learning Meetup Hors-Série #1 (season 2): Datajournalisme


Thanks to Numa and HopWorkChrystèle, Franck and I will be hosting a "Hors-Série" of our Machine Learning Meetup on the theme of Data Journalism. At least the first guest will speak in English while the others are expected to speak french (slides ought to be in english). The video of the meetup is at the top of this blog entry and it should start around 6:50/6:55PM Paris time (CET).

Video of the Meetup in French (mostly)

Invités confirmés :

Animation de la discussion : Chrystèle Bazin, consultante indépendante et rédactrice pour différents médias numériques.

Avec le soutien actif de Numa et de HopWork

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