Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Detailed Overview of Nanopore Sequencing

Because the sensor technology is so important [0], I recently mentioned why long read technology was such a breakthrough (it's an information theoretic issue [5]). For the past two years, we have featured, here on Nuit Blanche, at least three makers of sequencing technology that will change the course of how we do many things. Those outfits are:
Nick Loman is one of the few people who has had access to Oxford Nanopore Technologies' long read technology through their early access program. To get a sense of how the technology will develop, he just organized a Hangout yesterday with Clive Brown of Oxford Nanopore Technologies. You really need to watch this video of the hangout to get a sense of the algorithms being envisionned and those already implemented for alignement purposes. In a future entry, I will talk specifically about Clive's presentation as I think there is potentially some additional information to be gained from their raw data in light of recent advances in compressive sensing and attendant algorithm development, stay tuned. Without further ado, here is the program of the video: 
  • Clive Brown, Nanopore sequencing 
  • Nick Loman, Early data from nanopore sequencing: bioinformatics opportunities and challenges 
  • Matt Loose, Streaming data solutions for nanopore 
  • Josh Quick, Nanopore sequencing in outbreaks 
  • Torsten Seemann, Awesome pipelines for microbial genomics 

and the video, enjoy !

Thank you Nick !
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