Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nuit Blanche in Review ( August 2014 )

Since the last Nuit Blanche in Review (July 2014), Rosetta arrived at 67P but many other awesome things happened:

We featured an instance of Data Driven or Zero Knowledge Sensor Designa Depth Camera for Close-Range Human Capture and Interaction

This panel video entitled Is Deep Learning the Final Frontier and the End of Signal Processing ? produced a strong reaction from one of the leaders in Deep Learning. His response: Yoshua Bengio's view on Deep Learning.  I added a few items in Parallel Paths for Deep Learning and Signal Processing ?Yoshua Bengio's tutorial slides at KDD that also took place this week are at: Scaling up Deep Learning. Other KDD slides and more can be found here.

In a different direction, we had several genomics items of interest and how compressive sensing and advanced matrix factorization could play a role there:

We also featured quite a few Sunday Morning Insights: 

and had at least two entries on reproducible research
We had several very interesting preprint related entries: 

The blogs
Videos and slides:

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