Sunday, December 01, 2013

Nuit Blanche In Review (November 2013)

This past month, we had some quite interesting ideas condensing into some developments:
  • Sharp phase transitions are now part of our landscape; they can be used for many different purposes (see Sharp Phase Transition links)
  • Multiple hardware and sensors are coming about that use sparsity seeking solvers to reconstruct images or videos. They are, in effect, compressive sensors but you won't find the name compressed sensing near the description of these instruments (see Hardware links)

  • We are also beginning to see results that will allow people to consider nonlinear sensing as an acceptable sensing modalitiy. The big unknown for the time being, is to understand what type of nonlinearities (see Connection to neural networks)

What I have not seen on a regular basis is hardware makers naturally checking the capabilities through the computation of the sharp phase transitions. It is important, not just, on a theoretical basis bit also for them to discover the real capabilities of their systems (see Hardware). I note that this month, we may have witnessed another Donoho-Tao moment, with applied mathematicians, much like pirates, suggesting a new hardware architecture. You don't see this everyday (see here)

And then there is the interesting case of well known Angel Investors who seem to put a good emphasis on sensors ( The Business Side of SensorsPart Deux ).

We live in exciting times. We also had a bunch of interesting interactions this month 
and eventually A Favor to Ask. Most importantly we had a few implementations made available by their authors:
Connection to neural networks

Sunday Morning Insight
Saturday Morning Videos

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