Wednesday, February 06, 2013

InView Announces Compressive Sensing Workstation

I don't have any stakes in InView. Here is their latest press release:

InView Expands Compressive Sensing Workstations Series with Two New Products

Austin, TX, January 31, 2013: InView Technology Corporation, the world leader in Compressive Sensing (CS) imaging products, has expanded its family of CS Workstations with the release of two new systems, the InView222 Compressive Sensing Workstation and the InView223 Spatial Light Modulator. Both systems allow researchers to prototype and test innovative computational imaging algorithms.

The InView222 builds upon the successful InView220 Compressive Sensing Workstation that was introduced by InView in 2012. The InView222 enables researchers to demonstrate novel CS algorithms on a complete hardware imaging platform. It allows researchers to apply measurement bases using a high-speed, spatial light modulator (SLM) sub-system, and to process the modulated image in a measurement sub-system. The measurement sub-system includes a single-diode CMOS detector, followed by an amplifier and analog-to-digital converter. 

The InView223 provides a SLM sub-system and is coupled to user’s own measurement sub-system, allowing bench-top experiments in fields of research including computational imaging, computational photography, compressive sensing, and other fields requiring high-speed custom optical modulation.

Both the InView222 and InView223 give researchers an unprecedented ability to apply novel 1024x768 pixel modulation patterns at rates of up to 32,000 patterns per second using a digital micro-mirror device. Both systems accept externally-generated SLM patterns streamed from an external source over an eight lane, PCI Express 2.0 bus, which has sufficient speed to allow the SLM to run at full speed. The user does not need to buffer patterns in development system memory as is required by other micromirror-based products.

Both products leverage an objective lens optimized for visual light and use a standard M42 lens mount.

“InView’s Compressive Sensing Workstation Family allows researchers to easily demonstrate their advanced imaging algorithms on easy-to-use hardware,” stated Dr. Bob Bridge, InView’s founder and CEO. “These new products are a welcome addition to the Workstation launched last year.”

About InView
InView specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of imaging products based upon Compressive Sensing technology, including low-cost shortwave infrared (SWIR) cameras. Leveraging its patents in Compressive Sensing, InView’s InGaAs-based SWIR solutions can achieve superior results at dramatically reduced prices, and provide leadership price-performance for microscopy, security, surveillance, maritime navigation, military and other applications.

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