Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coded aperture compressive temporal imaging

Here is some hardware today and I can't wait to see this CACTI imager merge with CASSI recently mentioned. For some odd reason, I did not see a reference to either the Reinterpretable Imager of Amit Agrawal, Ashok Veeraraghavan and Ramesh Raskar. or the Coded Strobing Photography: Compressive Sensing of High-speed Periodic Events by Ashok Veeraraghavan ,Dikpal Reddy, and Ramesh Raskar in the reference section (yes, there is the flutter shutter reference though). It would have been nice to see a sentence or two on how the systems are different and the type of phase space they are exploring. Anyway here is the paper: 

Abstract: We use mechanical translation of a coded aperture for code division multiple access compression of video. We present experimental results for reconstruction at 148 frames per coded snapshot.

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