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Nuit Blanche in Review (January 2013 edition)

After the year in review [17, 38],  we had a list of implementations [18-26], a set of meetings [27-30], some hardware implementations [31-33], some meeting videos and papers [34-35], a job [36], some blog etiquette [37] as well as miscellaneous entries [38-41]. 

We also got a sense as to when compressive imaging might be an advantage over simpler systems [3] but the study did not take into account the technology. When CMOS doesn't work, you're back to square one. 

We had a few entries featuring improvement over "older" technology (MRI [7]). One of the surprising finding this past month was the fact that some deterministic approaches seem to be doing as well as random multiplexings [16]. This and the finding with metamaterials [33] might change computational imaging altogether. The whole investigation could use blind deconvolution [4] for random systems. Among the implementations that were made available [18-26] we had a system that mixes matrix factorization and random forest [15] and was the winner of the KDDCup two years in a row [23], an analog sparse recovery solver [22], and a parallel algorithm for solving linear equations that really seems to be O(n^3) unless you have O(n) cores (Thanks Danny) in which cases it becomes O(n^2)..

Adaptive sensing also called Linear Bandits [6] in this recommender systems approach showed up on the radar screen. Randomization brought us some new results in large scale function evaluation [10, 12] and potentially some faster belief propagation (AMP) algorithms [15]. Some conversation on bad reconstruction and error metrics [8, 11, 12] and low rank approaches in the tensor domain [5] provided some depth to the field. It's not just about vectors or sparsity.  

Finally, we had two long entries of papers [1,2] and some entries relevant our continuous exploration [9] . A new approach to using compressive sensing outside of the generally well known fields [14], I like it very much! What will February bring ?

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  1. This (Past) Month in Compressive Sensing and Matrix Factorization
  2. Part Deux: This (Past) Month in Compressive Sensing and Matrix Factorization
  3. When Does Computational Imaging Improve Performance?
  4. Phase Diagram and Approximate Message Passing for Blind Calibration and Dictionary Learning
  5. Tensor completion based on nuclear norm minimization for 5D seismic data reconstruction
  6. Linear Bandits in High Dimension and Recommendation Systems
  7. Spread spectrum compressed sensing MRI using chirp radio frequency pulses
  8. Signal reconstruction in linear mixing systems with additive error metrics (video introduction)
  9. Around the blogs in 80 summer hours
  10. Fast Food: Approximating Kernel Expansion in Loglinear Time
  11. All hopes may not be crushed all at once
  12. It's not a bad reconstruction, just the end of an illusion...
  13. Fast Functions via Randomized Algorithms: Linear Regression with Random Projections
  14. A Computational model for compressed sensing RNAi cellular screening
  15. Recent Algorithms Development and Faster Belief Propagation algorithms
  16. Deterministic matrices matching the compressed sensing phase transitions of Gaussian random matrices
  17. A gut feeling review of 2012.
  18. Structure-Based Bayesian Sparse Reconstruction - implementation -
  19. Improving Dictionary Learning: Multiple Dictionary Updates and Coefficient Reuse - implementation -
  20. A Randomized Parallel Algorithm with Run Time $O(n^2)$ for Solving an $n \times n$ System of Linear Equations - 
  21. Compressed Sensing with Correlation Between Measurements and Noise - implementation -
  22. Convergence Speed of a Dynamical System for Sparse Recovery - implementation -
  23. SVDFeature: A Toolkit for Feature-based Collaborative Filtering - implementation -
  24. A Probabilistic Approach to Robust Matrix Factorization - implementation -
  25. Heliometric Stereo: Shape from Sun Position - implementation 
  26. AMP: Assembly Matching Pursuit, Metagenomic units (MGUs) discovery through sequence-based dictionary learning - implementation -
  27. ROKS 2013 International Workshop on Advances in Regularization, Optimization, Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines:
  28. Phased Array 2013 announcement
  29. SPARS'13 deadlines approaching soon ! #spars13 and #Spars13 announcements and clarifications
  30. Fête Parisienne in Computation, Inference and Optimization: A Young Researchers' Forum
  31. Three-dimensional ghost imaging ladar 
  32. Correspondence Differential Ghost Imaging 
  33. Metamaterial Apertures for Computational Imaging
  34. The #NIPS2012 Videos are out 
  35. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing papers
  36. CSJob: Faculty at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  37. Welcome back to the Jungle
  38. Where are we now ?
  39. Agents of Change
  40. The Technical Side of the Nuclear Rockets Option
  41. Sudoku, Compressive Sensing and Thermodynamics

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
This image was taken by Navcam: Left A (NAV_LEFT_A) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 176 (2013-02-03 00:25:21 UTC) .
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