Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ben's Chicken Challenge

We first had this magnificient dataset in Leonardo's Challenge of a 65 million years old dinosaur.  Well, today we have something that tastes closer to chicken: a chicken. Ben Krasnow has a hobby of building things, in short he is a Maker. Ben recently started building an X-ray system in his garage. To make things more interesting he used an Arduino to command a rotating plate and an intervalometer in order to obtain a CT system of sorts (see DIY X-ray CT scanner controlled by an Arduino). The camera taking photo of the phosphorous medium is a DSLR and shoots at an angle as shown below:

here is the full video explaining what he did:

Ben made available the 45 raw images from this experiment, they are here: One could do a lot of things with those such as:
  • CT dictionary learning for synthesis or analysis (and by the same token discover the operator that emulates the Radon transform)
  • an uncalibrated SIFT or FREAK based 3-D reconstruction
  • ....

If you make something awesome out of this dataset, I'll feature it on Nuit Blanche. Ben's YouTube channel is here, his blog is here. Other datasets and challenges are listed here.

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