Thursday, May 03, 2012

Around the blogs in 80 hours, compressive sensing edition.

First, I learned of the passing of Joram Lindenstrauss, one of the author of  the Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma.

 Here is what I found relevant this past week on the blogs and elsewhere:

* Dustin goes deeper in explaining his recent paper on why Certifying the Restricted Isometry Property is Hard.
* Bob writes about:
* Suresh talks about Approximate Bregman near neighbors. (and some interesting results) and Distributed Learning: A new model 
* Sergey points to the recent Cerex solvers released by folks at Google, several arxiv find here and here and a collaborative LaTeX editor.
* Terry talks about math gamification in Lewis Carroll logic puzzles , New version of algebra game and  Gamifying algebra?. In order to get people addicted maybe we ought to consider how this gamification of the learning process can be encapsulated into some NP-hard form.

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