Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Consulting Job with InView Corp.

Hello Igor,
The article is timely.
InView is looking for short-term consulting help in the analysis and efficient implementation of DSP transformations of very long vectors. The consultant must be able to engineer the mathematical requirements as constrained by the hardware of embedded platforms such as FPGAs and many-core architectures. The consultant will be working closely with our internal algorithm and hardware designers as an educator and a coach, and will not be working as an individual contributor. What we are NOT looking for is a mathematician who has vaguely worked with implementers, or an implementer who treats the math as a black box.
US Citizenship is highly preferred due to some of our customer relationships.
8900 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 125, Austin, TX 78757
Please contact Bob if you think you fit the profile. Let us note that recently InView achieved an initial close on its series B financing and according to Bob's message on LinkedIn "The round remains open for additional investors"

Thanks Bob 

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