Friday, April 13, 2012

At the edge of detection: Sebastian Seung vs. Tony Movshon, Columbia 2012

Sebastian Seung is one of the author of the NMF algorithm (see here and here), the first successful Advanced Matrix Factorization. The video is a discussion between him and Tony Movshon another neuroscientist. One of the journalist made a passing comment at the very end that was pretty interesting in terms of how people think about technology advances. When asked about connectomics and the tools needed to quantify it, Sebastian pointed out to the fallacy of thinking that just having to wait for a technology to grow is not the way to go. Indeed you cannot just wait a few years, retire and have access for these sensors to appear. We can see that in how hardware is being developed in compressive sensing and the very real fact that most technology ideas will never make it to market unless there is an end goal, and I did not say a good end goal. Enjoy the video!

Of interest to those of you thinking that compressive imaging might help in this connectomics endeavor: H. Sebastian SeungReading the Book of Memory: Sparse Sampling versus Dense Mapping of Connectomes

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