Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Compressive Sensing Calibration Postdoc in Paris.


Laurent just sent me the following great Postdoc:

A 12-month postdoc position will be available (subject to successful funding) at the Langevin Institute, Paris (France), on the topic of 
Calibration of compressed sensing experimental devices 
The goal of this post-doc is to revisit the classic problem of sensor array calibration in the framework of compressed sensing. Most of the compressed sensing theory assumes that the 'measurement matrix' is perfectly known. However, in many practical cases, this measurement matrix is only known approximately, sometimes because it is based on a somehow inaccurate model, sometimes because calibration measurements are noisy. Unfortunately, even small errors on this measurement matrix ruin the reconstruction by most compressed sensing algorithms.
The goal of this study is to devise new model-based calibration strategies for such acquisition devices, tailored to the specific experiments at the Langevin Institute, in acoustics and/or optics.
Candidates should hold a PhD in Signal processing, Applied mathematics, or related domain, with some mandatory experience in sparse representations and/or compressed sensing. Good programming skills (Matlab) and ability to work independently are required.
The ability to interact with physics experimentalists (acoustics / optics) is essential.
Start date : no earlier than July 1st, 2012.
Informal enquiries should be made *before May 1st*, 2012, by email to Prof. Laurent Daudet :  laurent.daudet@espci.fr
The Langevin Institute ( http://www.institut-langevin.espci.fr/Langevin-Institute ) is a physics laboratory that investigates all aspects of waves (acoustics / optics), attached to the prestigious ESPCI engineering school. It is centrally located in the vibrant 5th "arrondissement" of Paris.
I posted this announcement in the Calibration Club on LInkedIn.


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