Friday, June 29, 2012

Videos: Schlumberger workshop on Mathematical Models of Sound Analysis IHÉS 2012

The following looks like the first batch of videos from this meeting:

automatically learning the structure of spoken language without supervision by Aren Jansen

 machine learning for audio source separation by Francis Bach

predictive information and the emergence of cognitive hierarchies by Naftali Tishby

invariants for sound classification by Stephane Mallat

learning hierarcical representations for natural signals by Yann LeCun

the representation of surprise in auditory cortex by Israel Nelken

sparse audio models for inverse audio problems by Rémi Gribonval

auditory texture representation by Josh McDermott

mathematical models of auditory cortical processing by Shihab Shamma

Mixing Audio Signals and User Models for Large Scale Music Recommendation by D­ouglas Eck

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