Friday, June 15, 2012

Around the blogs in 80 hours: Compressive Sensing Edition

I put the number of page views since July 2010 on display and we just passed 1,200,000 page views this past week. One million two hundred thousand page views.... wow..awesome....

Please note that I dedicate a full blog entry to implementations of algorithms. Some of these entries were found through the slides of the Mini-symposium SIAM IS12 Recent advances in patch-based image processing.

If you are interested in imaging and compressive sensing, you may want to read:

but if you are interested in the potential crosslinks between algorithm development needs and synthetic biology, you may want to read these entries:

There was also a mention for a PhD studentship in the South of France: Acceleration of greedy algorithms for signal modeling

In other news, Ray left us the day of the Transit of Venus

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