Monday, May 26, 2014

Connections between Note by Note Cooking and Machine Learning

You probably recall this Sunday Morning Insight entry on Computational Cooking ? Well, last Friday, I attended the result of the second contest of the Note By Note Cooking (Cuisine Note a Note) organized by Herve This at AgroParisTech. It was certainly an interesting event.

In this year's event, the object was not to cook a full Note by Note dish but rather add methional to a course to be invented by the contestants.

Note by Note Cooking is the realisation that one can build food one element at a time, a little like building an image from a learned dictionary in image processing.

As usual, I had to ask questions and noted that while the final results for each contestant looked very appetizing, it seemed that the process of creating those dishes entailed much trial and error. It is not a surprise per se, but it could look very daunting to a beginner. Herve This confided that even though one could not taste all the dish from every contestant, one could figure out from certain construction that some dishes would not be tasty.

This all looks like a typical machine learning problem. So in order to know more about the subject and eventually contribute to the subject, I decided to create the first ever Note by Note Cooking meetup in Paris. It is here. It is open to all....

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