Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Morning Insight: The Business Side of Sensors

Since this blog is about sensing and make better sense of their attendant data [1], here is something on the lighter side of things. Shark Tank is a TV show on ABC that "features business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs to a panel of potential investors." In a recent episode, one could evaluate the interest of the investors' community when it comes to sensors and attendant apps. The excerpt of interest is at 12 minutes into the show and features a pitch for Breathometer, an add-on to smartphones that detects amounts of alcohol from users breathing into the device. I note that the project might even be extended to detect bad breath or diabetes diagnostics. As a reminder, all startups related threads are on Nuit Blanche are here.

I also note the initial pessimistic view of this blog writer, and the fact that Mark Cuban, one of the investors of the show, mentions his stake in MotionLoft. You'll want to note that what happens next in terms of deal being offered seems to be very unique as far as the past seasons are concerned. Watch it here:

[1] Sunday Morning Insight: Enabling the "Verify" in "Trust but Verify" thanks to Compressive Sensing

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