Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Phase Retrieval from masked Fourier transforms - implementation -

In the following paper, I note four items of note beyond the very interesting results of the paper:

Without further due, here is the paper:

This paper considers the question of recovering the phase of an object from intensity-only measurements, a problem which naturally appears in X-ray crystallography and related disciplines. We study a physically realistic setup where one can modulate the signal of interest and then collect the intensity of its diff raction pattern, each modulation thereby producing a sort of coded di ffraction pattern. We show that PhaseLift, a recent convex programming technique, recovers the phase information exactly from a number of random modulations, which is polylogarithmic in the number of unknowns. Numerical experiments with noiseless and noisy data complement our theoretical analysis and illustrate our approach.

The implementation is located here. Thanks Mahdi for the heads-ups.

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FYI - More info on this paper can be found in an interview with Mahdi on my blog:

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A sharp phase transition in phase retrieval was also shown in

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on a related topic: