Monday, November 18, 2013

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In no particular order:


Guest post by Dan Garber and Elad Hazan: The Conditional Gradient Method, A Linear Convergent Algorithm – Part II/II

Guest post by Dan Garber and Elad Hazan: The Conditional Gradient Method, A Linear Convergent Algorithm – Part I/II

5 announcements

There’s a new journal in town… acquires Plasmyd to bring peer review into the 21st century
More on anonymity in peer review
An emerging consensus for open evaluation: 18 visions for the future of scientific publishing
Science Publishing Laboratory
Third-party review platforms
A look at the process of submitting articles to OA journals | Open Science


Metric Learning: Some Quantum Statistical Mechanics
Music Recommendations and the Logistic Metric Embedding


Publication List Update: Signal Representations and Embeddings
Internship Openings

Stein’s Method




About the Jensen inequality
Confined particles with singular pair repulsion


Nokia Emulates Pelican and Lytro Refocusing Function
SiOnyx Says Black Silicon Sensors with 2e Read Noise Possible
Superconducting Image Sensor Measures Energy of Each Photon, with Timestamp
ISORG Demos 96x96 Pixel on Plastic Sensor
Pelican Imaging Presentation
Omnivision Announces 13MP/30fps 1.12um PureCel Low Power Sensor


Bayesian essentials with R available on amazon
machine learning as buzzword
arXiv bonanza!
MCMC for non-linear state space models using ensembles of latent sequences


La cuisine note à note à la bbc :
La notion d'innovation


Data as a Quantifiable Asset

First look at the Quonset Microwave Coffee Can Radar Kit, on sale now
Small and Short-Range Radar Systems, coming out spring 2014!
First look at the Quonset Microwave Coffee Can Radar Kit!


A useful trick for computing gradients w.r.t. matrix arguments, with some examples
Quick note on the Chen, Chi, Goldsmith covariance sketching paper

Marseille: from the Vieux Port with hole

Mining data on the 'Data wizards'


the MAP perturbation framework
expected time for an optimal game of memory
dismissing research communities is counterproductive


BDA class G+ hangout another try
Statistics is the least important part of data science
“What are some situations in which the classical approach (or a naive implementation of it, based on cookbook recipes) gives worse results than a Bayesian approach, results that actually impeded the science?”
Why ask why? Forward causal inference and reverse causal questions
I’m negative on the expression “false positives”
“Marginally significant”
Shlemiel the Software Developer and Unknown Unknowns
Doing Data Science: What’s it all about?
My talk in Amsterdam tomorrow (Wed 29 Oct): Can we use Bayesian methods to resolve the current crisis of statistically-significant research findings that don’t hold up?
Uncompressing the concept of compressed sensing


Phase retrieval from coded diffraction patterns
A geometric intuition for the null space property
A fully automatic problem solver with human-style output
Probably Approximately Correct


The final lecture schedule
Paper of the Day (Po'D): Towards a universal representation for audio information retrieval and analysis Edition
Paper of the Day (Po'D): Multi-label sparse coding for automatic image annotation Edition
Deconstructing statistical questions and vacuous papers


Nonparametric Regression, ABC and CNN
PubMed Commons

TGV minimizers in 1D and conditional gradient methods
The Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz inequality and gradient descent methods
Post-it for convex optimization for optimal transport, value functions, accelerated forward backward and Bayesion inversion


DBD1 — initial post


Simple Fact about Maximizing a Gaussian
Ali Rahimi’s “Random Kitchen Sinks” Video
Assorted Links


Online Machine Learning Course by Alex Smola & Geoff Gordon (CMU)
Hunch's Taste Graph
Notable presentation: Datapad @ Strata NY+ PyData
The 3rd GraphLab Conference is coming!
Notable presentation: Mark Levy's Recsys talk
LSRS 2013 - A great success!

FAA Releases UAS Integration Roadmap

While on Nuit Blanche, we had:

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
W00084967.jpg was taken on November 16, 2013 and received on Earth November 18, 2013. The camera was pointing toward SATURN-RINGS at approximately 1,998,613 miles (3,216,456 kilometers) away, and the image was taken using the CL1 and CL2 filters. This image has not been validated or calibrated. 

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