Saturday, June 01, 2013

Engineering a Healthcare System to Deliver Genomic Medicine

Echoing some of the themes mentioned in
May I present to you Dan Rosen's recent presentation on Engineering a Healthcare System to Deliver Genomic Medicine (video is below) where he presents ome of the issues and current state of the art of personalized medicine. And yes, you read right, BioVU has already more than 163,000 samples of DNA, which the genomes are just waiting to be decoded and other phenotype information. More after the video: 


I note several items of interest to some of the issues we have mentioned here. Namely, the fact that in medicine, even the 99.99% decoding capabilities of the whole genome by current techniques ( the nanopore approach is only at 96% or so) is not enough. There is also what I call the matching problem and finally the connection between ECG readings and genotype information, wow. Here some screenshots of the presentation (the slides are actually here)

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