Saturday, May 11, 2013

The OSTP is seeking an Outstanding “Open Science” Champion of Change

The Office of Science and Technology Policy is Seeking Outstanding “Open Science” Champion of Change before May 14th! From the page:

"....Open sharing of research results is a proven strategy for driving positive change. For example, the rapid and open sharing of genomic data from the Human Genome Project revolutionized biomedical research, spurred major growth in the biotechnology industry, and provided $140 in economic returns for every dollar of public investment. And, the Federal Government’s liberation of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite data led to an explosion of geospatial information systems and the creation of many companies, smartphone apps, and car navigation systems. 
We are asking for your help to identify “Open Science” Champions of Change—outstanding individuals, organizations, or research projects promoting and using open scientific data for the benefit of society. For example, a Champion’s work may involve:
  • Providing free access to data or publications generated from scientific research; or
  • Leading research that uses publicaly available scientific data.
Anyone can nominate an “Open Science” candidate for consideration by May 14, 2013 (under “Theme of Service,” choose “Open Science”). In the “Reason for Nominating” section of the nomination form, please also include information about any upcoming open-science-related announcements or new steps that the individual or organization you are nominating has planned, which could potentially be launched at the Champions of Change event...."

Here are some thoughts: 

With respect to organization, there is the obvious

With respect to individuals, I am thinking of David Donoho, he is the person behind the embodiement of reproducible research, he is one of the authors of Wavelab, one of the first easy-to-use toolbox for handling wavelets and reproduce the results of his research and as we have seen recently he is still behind some of the most innovative reproducible research effort out there. Another person would be Victoria Stodden who is behind the effort which is probably the type of effort that the OSTP and the White House would want to feature and recognize. 

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Thomas Arildsen said...

Just thinking aloud - could another organisation candidate be Or some of the persons behind it?

Igor said...


that sounds interesting. what about any of the peer review outfits ? you had a G+ thread on those recently. Can you provide the links ?


Thomas Arildsen said...

Sure. Jason Priem posted this list the other day:

I have mostly noticed and, but there seems to be quite a few of them.
The altmetrics providers such as or could perhaps also be candidates.

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i have mostly observed and, but there seems to be quite a few of them.
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