Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Phase retrieval for imaging problems - implementation -

We mentioned this implementation earlier here, here is a refinement: Phase retrieval for imaging problems by Fajwel Fogel, Irène Waldspurger, Alexandre d'Aspremont. The abstract reads:

We study convex relaxation algorithms for phase retrieval on imaging problems. We show that structural assumptions on the signal and the observations, such as sparsity, smoothness or positivity, can be exploited to both speed-up convergence and improve recovery performance. We detail experimental results in molecular imaging problems simulated from PDB data.
Let us note that this phase retrieval approach is part of the inverse section of the Scattering Transforms and Applications with an attendant explanation as to why:

The Implementation of PhaseCut in Octave/MATLAB is here. I also note the following important element when it comes to reproducible research: the ability to run it on bare bones matlab or octave:

Our toolbox works on all recent versions of MATLAB on Mac OS X, and on MATLAB versions anterior to 2008 on Linux.
A big thank you for FajwelIrène and Alexandre for implementing their toolbox and minding about this issue.

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