Friday, May 31, 2013

A PostDoc and a Ph.D in Medical Imaging, Machine Learning and Compressive Sensing at INRIA, Rennes, France

Remi Gribonval just sent me the following:
Dear Igor,

,,,Would you mind advertising the Ph.D. offer and Post-doc position below on Nuit Blanche ?

Sure I can but if you (or anybody who wants to post a job announcement) want maximum exposure, you could also post that announcement in the following groups: Google+ Community, the CompressiveSensing subreddit, the LinkedIn Compressive Sensing group or the Matrix Factorization group !

The VISAGES and PANAMA teams at Inria Rennes are seeking highly qualified candidates with background in applied mathematics, machine learning, and image processing for a Ph.D. and a Postdoc research project in neuro-imaging.  

  • 1 Postdoc in Computer Vision,  Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning and Compressive Sensing  at INRIA, Rennes, France

Deadline for applicationJune 30th, 2013

Scientific Environment:
This work will be conducted in the context of the Inria National research project HEROES and theLabex CominLabs Hemisfer project. It will be conducted in collaboration between the Unit/Project VISAGES U746 (INSERM / INRIA / CNRS / University of Rennes I) whose research activities are directed towards neuroimaging and medical image processing, and the PANAMA Inria research Team whose research activities are directed towards machine learning and compressive sensing. This work will benefit from a new research 3T MRI system provided by the NeurInfo in-vivo neuroimaging platform on which these new research protocols will be set up.


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